ProiectTamplarie 4.0

Is now a mature product, reliable, flexible, easy to configure and use
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ProiectT was launched on the Romanian market in 2006, targeting at that moment the small producers of PVC and aluminum joinery.
After passing several versions and gaining a lot from the direct feedback provided by users, ProiectT is now a mature product, reliable, flexible, easy to configure and use.

The application helps designing PVC or aluminum windows and doors, generating customer offers, estimates and supplies. It has a database that stores information about materials. Based on it, there are templates for windows/doors, profiles, glass, which can be used in project developed.

Generates customer offer;
Generates the list of materials for the workshop and the optimized cutting sizes;
Generates the supplies for the working project or overall;
Generates documentation in HTML or PDF format. PDF format allows easy transmission by email (as attachment);
The flexibility is due to the fact that every manufacturer can add its own materials to the database;
Allows all kind of swings, namely: turn-only, tilt & turn, sliding, up, down;
The forms, known as the hardest challenge on the manufacturer, are easily calculated and optimized with the application (arch, triangle, trapeze, etc.);
Allows adding items such as mosquitoes nets or thresholds for doors;
Runs on both Windows and Linux operating systems.

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